Saturday, September 27, 2008


We got POWER!!!! Just an update!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Well...we are back from our evacuation! We are back to a house with NO POWER....STILL!!! Everyone we know has power except us, but I am confident we will get it soon enough. Luckily we were spared this hurricane with minimal damage (the gate to the fence really).

Kaden's swingset received the most damage........

We started our evacuation journey on Thursday when the mandatory evacuation was called. We loaded up (luckily alot was still packed up from Gustav) and headed to the lakehouse. We got a little play time in before we had to get up and leave Friday morning for Plano. (The whole Williams clan...mommy, daddy, grammie and pawpaw, and great-maw maw and great-pawpaw) Since nothing is EVER simple, Kaden started running a high temp when we were in Plano. It was very sad.... Kendal and I took him to a Care Clinic and got him on some antibiotics....he was diagnosed with an upper-respiratory infection.

On Sunday we headed back to the lake because it did not lose power at all. Luckily our friends the Bartlett's were staying in Plano as well so Kaden and I hitched a ride with Jeanifer and Tyson to go to the lake...the boys had fun together!

Kaden kept us entertained...

When we got to the lake though...Kaden went downhill...his fever went up and up and finally peaked at 103.6. For those first few days it was one got ANY sleep! But his fever broke and soon he was back to normal.....silly!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Back to School!!!!!!

Well, mine and Kaden's summer is officially over. School (for teachers) started back this week. We get kids back next Monday. Kaden started back to Cindy and he is having a great time playing with Reese again. We both are trying to get used to the early morning hours again. It's been nice sleeping in these past few months. Here's a pic from the summer of Kaden playing on a friend's John Deere tractor. He is VERY MUCH into tractors, golf carts...pretty much anything that you can ride. (He doesn't know this but he will be getting one soon!!)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Laundry Hamper FUN

FINALLY, some new pictures. The only time Kaden shows any patience is when I am washing clothes. He waits so quietly for me to empty the hamper because he knows.....once the clothes are gone, its his for the taking. I've got him convinced that THIS is his way to help mommy (usually he likes to pull the clothes off the table just as I have folded them) His "job" is to drag the hamper back through the house to his bathroom. A job he does very well I might add. BUT FIRST..he has to drag it all through the living room, get inside it, roll around, then run as he pulls it (I guess he thinks it's chasing him??...see pic for visual) Oh and in case you are wondering why he doesn't have any clothes on...its because I do laundry once a week...and I needed his clothes so I could wash them. He doesn't mind!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Don't Give Up!!!

I know I haven't posted in awhile....thanks Cat! My computer USB drive broke. I promise this weekend I will put some on...I have lots of new pics and video. It will be more regular starting next week because I will be back at school and can use my computer there. BUT here's an old one!! This is Halloween last year...FEEL FREE to give me any ideas on what you think Kaden should be this year.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tropical Storm Edouard

Well we survived the tropical storm! The night before Kendal was busy putting everything in the, chairs, grill, garbage make sure nothing blew away. He even took the swings down off Kaden's playhouse. Dixie Dog was the most excited because she got to spend the night in the house. Kaden woke up at 5:30 just as the storm was coming in. It was VERY WINDY so I think that scared him. He spent the rest of the morning in our bed...which for some of you that a BIG NO NO!!! I will admit it was nice to sleep until 9:00 AM for a change. Kendal got to stay home most of the morning, but now he is off to work again and it's just me and little bit. Hope everyone doesn't have too much to clean up from the storm!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Date Night!!!

Parent's Night Out.......Kendal and I enjoyed a nice evening out with our good friends Jeanifer and Scott (who also were enjoying a night out...they are Tyson's parents) We went to Johnny Carinos and ate a whole lot of food and drank lots of wine!! It was fun and we can't wait to do it again!!